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The Visionary


PhilosophyFor me, photographs are more than just a series of pretty images on a screen or photos in an album. They are real moments captured in time. Photographs are emotive and have the power to move you, to transport you back to that moment in time, to make you laugh, to make you cry. Weddings are an oasis of passing moments which I am constantly analyzing and observing to anticipate and position myself to capture it at just the right angle only seconds before it fades. I have always been a huge believer that photography plays an important role in capturing who we are and providing imagery to memories that would otherwise fade with time. I get excited about capturing life, stories, and reality. Stopping time with my camera in a unique and imaginative way is the best way that I can contribute with my creativity to other peoples lives and have it make a difference...and the BEST part is these people are the happiest people in the world: People in LOVE!