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Are you over murky colors, under-exposed images, and bad framing? If so, you want to select AJ Shorter’s Photography for your Wedding. Clients near and far have chosen AJ because he provides something different. He provides radiant images that are bright with personality, and he photographs couples in an imaginative, modern and artistic way. Clients consider AJ a godsend since he will stop at no length to inspire them and provide quality service.

AJ is a rare photographer that makes brides more comfortable, husbands feel confident, mothers feel beautiful, and he is perhaps the only person in the world that can even get Dad to show some teeth. He caters to everyone’s specific needs.

His work is outstanding, but his passion drives it all. His sincere personality and sense of humor allows him to make great things happen for his clients. Yes this is what truly sets him apart. As a Destination Wedding Photographer, he loves to photograph all cultures and celebrate the Wedding Day for the unique and amazing day it will be.